Beyond Marketing Automation: Direct Mail Tactics Digital Marketers Should Try

If you haven’t started, now is the time to plan this year’s marketing strategy. Will direct mail automation make the cut? 
Many marketers will surely focus on personalized social, paid media and email efforts this year. But while robust online campaigns are increasingly important, you can overcome digital shortcomings with direct mail automation. Consumers can easily miss, ignore and delete emails, but they must interact in some way with the mail sent to their homes.

Direct mail continues to outperform email, even in the era of highly targeted digital marketing. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), direct mail generates 10 percent more customers than email, despite the growing popularity of automated online promotions.

In this post, we look at five ways you can enhance your marketing automation with direct mail this year.

1. Combine existing email campaigns with direct mail automation.

Syncing automated email with direct mail is one of the easiest ways to increase an existing campaign’s response rate. In general, direct mail has much higher open rates than email, and DMA reports customers spend an average of 25 percent more when companies send a mix of email and direct mail.

Rest assured you don’t need to have a huge mailing list to send a marketing postcard anymore. Inkit’s software makes it easy for you to automatically mail postcards in small batches and even individually as consumers reach triggers in your digital campaigns.

Inkit is integrated with Hubspot, Sailthru, Iterable and Drip, allowing you to send targeted mailers straight from those platforms. If you use another automation platform, simply upload your list to send a postcard through Inkit.Drip campaign that includes direct mail automation.
Pro tip: Review your existing campaigns and add direct mail automation where you need to overcome low email open rates or “banner blindness.”

2. Test your postcard automation campaigns and pivot.

With the advances in marketing automation, you have no excuse not to let data guide your decision-making both online and offline. Adding direct mail to automated campaigns gives you powerful data points.

Do you have a seemingly well-designed campaign that just isn’t getting results? Run an a/b test by sending out the same offer via direct mail to see whether the redemption rate goes up. With direct mail’s higher open rates, the response should improve as long as the targeting and the offer are solid. Learn how to run additional direct mail tests here.

3. Provide a consistent brand experience.

The most successful companies offer a consistent brand experience across multiple touch-points. Offering a familiar brand, building trust online and offline, doesn’t have to be difficult. It shouldn’t require much back-and-forth to sync your branding efforts across mediums. Start with the cohesive voice and imagery that you should already be using online, and place the same graphics and tone into your direct mailers. Try our plug-and-play interface now to see how quick and easy it is to create branded direct mailers that match your online efforts.

4. Engage consumers and capture more information with integrated campaigns. 

There are many possibilities to incorporate digital elements into your direct mail postcards, reaping the benefits of an audience engaged across mediums. For example, use a QR code on a postcard to direct consumers to landing page, your website, or a video. With traceable links, you can capture information like location, demographics and conversions—learning more about how consumers interact with your brand online and offline.

5. Prioritize market segmentation in automated direct mail campaigns.

The more you understand your audience, the better you can communicate with them through all channels, from Facebook to paid media, to email and direct mail. With the added engagement and rich data captured from direct mail campaigns, comes the opportunity for better segmentation and targeting.

While there are many creative ways to personalize and automate marketing, email and social media channels will continue to become more crowded this year. As you work on your 2018 marketing plan, consider a multi-channel approach that automates direct mail to enhance your digital campaigns.

Stand out from the crowd by adding direct mail automation to the mix. Click here to get started with Inkit for free.

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