Data-driven Direct Mail Automation to Grow Your Business

Upgrade your direct mail strategy with our innovative customer-winning platform.

Connect with Customers Offline

With an automated mailing strategy, you can target customers who have been inactive or offline. Win back customers at the mailbox with a promo, gift, or reminder of their store credit.

Custom Postcard Builder

Design direct mail marketing campaigns using our custom template builder which has features for fonts, colors and image uploads. Simply plug-and-play on the builder to design the best mail for your customers.

Interpolated Customer Data

We integrate customized data with your direct mailing campaign for a highly automated and personalized postcard so targeting individual customers on a personal level is easier and faster. 

Feature Overview

Automatic Printing & Shipping

Direct mail automation tool provides speed and efficiency to reach your customers offline in record time so you never have to deal with printers, brokers, or USPS.

CRM Integration

Integrate your mailing campaign to trigger highly targeted postcards at the right moment. Become unstoppable across all channels to reach and retain your customer.

Unlimited Batch Size

Want to send a personalized thank you card to a single customer? Control size and scope to launch and schedule a campaign to 5 people or 5 million at the best available market rate. 

Worldwide Delivery

Our printer automatically ship your mail campaigns within 4-5 days of clicking “send.” Rather than waiting months for mail-outs, your product arrives in your customer’s hands ready to be redeemed in one week.

Custom Lists

You can segment your direct mail audience based on demographics or customer data. Simply upload CSV files or integrate lists from your CRM platforms such as Drip, HubSpot, Sailthru, or Iterable.

Customer Support

We provide round-the-clock individualized support to ensure your campaigns are delivered with the greatest success. We are here to assist you in utilizing our tools and answering questions about campaigns.

A/B Split Testing

Not sure how your audience will react to a specific mailing? Send a test of different versions to varying demographics, collect data, and pivot quickly. Understand which ads are the most effective so you can repeat the process.

Getting started is easy.

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